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A truly inspired songwriter, Aly Cook travelling by train from visiting a friend in Double Bay to the Blue Mountains, with no paper to pen this song, Aly texts the lyrics line by line to her friend and 'Western Line' is born. The 6th single to lift from the album Horseshoe Rodeo Hotel which has already produced 3 x number one radio singles on  the Australian Top 40 Country Tracks Chart

Producer Alan Jansson has prepared a special stunning new radio mix of Western Line which releases on Itunes on Friday 10th of March. Dominant are the featured guest vocals from two of New Zealand most Iconic male voices the legendary Brendan Dugan and the late Graham Brazier, who sadly passed away after the recording of the album. 

Aly Cook has encapsulated the ambiance and sheer energy of a rail journey from Double Bay to the Blue Mountains, with the rhythmic vibe of the locomotive driven by the fiddle playing of Nik Brown (The Warratahs) who's stunning style, is a prominent feature on Aly's album. Topped off with the quirky spaghetti western styled lead break from Dean Hetherington (The Coalrangers/The Sou’Westers)

The new music video features an old world train ride on the inside of a beautiful old vintage train  and flicks of a modern Sydney on the outside characteristic of  the lyrics.  Featuring Brendan Dugan, Nik Brown and Aaron Coddel on the big double bass. As well as staff from the Glenbrook Vintage Railway in Auckland who own the beautiful old wooden carriage used for the filming of the music video . The video is directed by Ken Khan in Auckland.

Aly Says “I wish to dedicate this single release to the late Graham Brazier. It was a privilege to know this raconteur extraordinaire, amazing songwriter and one of our loved kiwi icons and have him perform both the harmonica on my number #1 hit ‘Midnight Cowboys’ and perform  a feature guest vocal on ‘Western Line’. Together with Brendan Dugan, two of our most iconic voices . I believe this to be the only recording that ever bought their two splendid voices together. Alan Jansson’s special radio mix of ‘Western Line’ clearly separates the two as you hear Graham in one speaker and Brendan in the other “.

" I hope you enjoy the video which is as close to what was going through my head as I could wish for. Whilst writing the song,   
I was riding on Sydney's Western Line out to the Blue Mountains, a beautiful place steeped in history,  and thinking about the trains rides of old times ... " 

This song comes as the 6th lift from the album 'Horseshoe Rodeo Hotel'  and her 4th no#1 hit in Australia.                   

Written by Aly Cook & Alan Jansson 
Guitar and Bass - Dean Hetherington  
Drums  - Jimmy Lawrie 
Fiddle - Nik Brown 

Directed by Ken Khan  
In the video  
Brendan Dugan 
Aaron Coddel 
Nik Brown 
and Staff from the Glenbrook Vintage Railway 

Special thanks to my assistant and friend Therese McKee of Key2Artist Promotions without whom this song would not exist and this video could not have been made.  

Crowd Funding from The Rising Star Ventures assisted with the Making of this video. Thanks to the following people who helped out with some crowdfunding Miriam Gratton,  Michael Hodder, Sue Chesterman, Dave Findlay , Tony Lake , Jurjen Koopmans,  Ron Cribb, Carlos Overlar , Tony Lake , Graham Oakden, Therese Mckee, Les Cook

Aly is officially endored by Maton Guitars and plays a Tobacco Sunburst Mini Maton   

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Check out the feature article in Wild Tomato

Check out the feature article in Wild Tomato

Aly now has a monthly series on Music Talks Website called the Radio Features. Covering independent Radio Stories throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Aly now has a monthly series on Music Talks Website called the Radio Features. Covering independent Radio Stories throughout Australia and New Zealand.