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PRE-SALE Crowd Fund The New Aly Cook CD
  • PRE-SALE Crowd Fund The New Aly Cook CD
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PRE-SALE Crowd Fund The New Aly Cook CD

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LOOK BELOW at the perks and click YOUR PRICE or contribute what ever you wish .. anything over $15 gets a download and anything over $25 gets a CD anything over $55 gets my 2 first CDS and the new CD. Use either paypal or your credit card to complete transaction

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PERKS    $1.00 Show some love     $5.00 Download of a song from the first session     $15.00 PRE - PURCHASE DOWNLOAD ALBUM    

$25 PRE-PURCHASE CD (includes postage)   $55 The New CD plus my previous other CDs     $200 have a click banner below     

$600 a house concert at your place , plus travel accom production  or just contribute what you want .. your choice 

I'm starting in April to record my 3rd album with Graham 'Buzz'  Bidstrup in Australia.  Buzz, his wife Kay & myself have been writing together for nearly 2 years .  Buzz and Kay are both founding members of Australia group GANGajang and Buzz a founding member of The Angels having co-written one of their greatest No Secrets with the late Doc Neeson.  I also have a new co-write with Allan Caswell to record.

I am very excited about the songs we have written and about this new musical journey.  I will be working with some truly amazing musicians, but need your support to help do it.  Anyone who helps with the crowd funding over $5.00 will get downloads of the new work as it is finished on this first session, we hope to complete the album over the next 6 months.  Pick your perk CD, Download Other CDS and more .  Every bit of support is appreciated.  I have decided to do this on my website, rather than a crowdfunding platform.  This way as then, your money is not going to a platform, which take 15% of what you give. 

Anyone who contributes over $25 will get a copy of the new album CD when complete.  Also your name will go in the credits of the album .  If you want to give $600 or more I will come play a house concert for you (You will have to get me there of course ) I know many of you have crowd funded me before and know I deliver on my promises.

All crowd funders will be thanked on the album if they wish to be, if you wish for your contribution to be anonymous, there is a little note section or email me  .. Thank you in advance. xx

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From NEW ZEALAND  Aaron Cardie, Clark Reid, Dave Findlay, Michael Hodder, Sue Chesterman, Adrienne Crampton, Gary Blaney, Brendan Dugan, Eddie Simon, Sharon & Glenn Miller, JD McLaren, Alec Hobson, Anne Hunter, Cylvi M, Geoff Kenny, Anne Haswell, Margie Keenan, Phil & Lana Doublet, Jimmy Le Comte, Clive Neeson, Ross Yeatman, Kenn Butler, Anonymous contributer, Pauline Bishell, Victor Cattemole , John Wright, Kevin Millar , Miriam Gratton, Suzanne Peeperkoorm, Robyn Jacobs, Louisa Young,  Brent Maru, Raewyn Taylor, Bruce Kempton

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From SWEDEN Göran Ohlzon    From SWITZERLAND René Lobsiger      From THE NETHERLANDS Onno Hoogendoorn, Ron Wijnen 

From THE UNITED KINGDOM Stephen Banks, Albert Van Der Steeg, Stephen Clark, Frank & Amanda Hill,  Craig Parry    From THE UNITED STATES Val Radar, Doug Scudder, Tony Connell, Wolfman (Russ Williams) 

From BELGIUM Freddy Plets,  Michèle Eenens     From ITALY Gianni Gori    From FRANCE Cyrille Lusteau    From AUSTRIA Martin Aichberger

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